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Essential Motorcycle Safety Tips for New Riders

Skye Coleman 0

Here are 5 essential safety tips for new riders that will help to improve your riding and make you savor.

Throttle Control

The number one thing you can do as a beginner is learning how to use your throttle. The throttle is going to be the number one thing you have to understand when it comes to riding your bike. It’s the key to making sure you ride smoothly and confidently. Learning how to grip and apply throttle in the right situations will determine how well you ride along with many other things. You should be grabbing the throttle like a screwdriver, not like the death grip you give yourself late at night.

Grabbing the Tank With Your Knees

This will keep the top portion of your body nice and loose to operate your bike without a heavy input. Pretend like the tank is going to fly off if you don’t grip it with your knees and it is full of next month’s rent money. Combine that with the light throttle hand and you will be feeling like a zesty teste in no time on your motorcycle or don’t and look like a total idiot.

Accelerating When You Change Lane

When you are changing lanes do your typical head check signal and then move over easy enough but one thing you might not be doing is applying a little extra amount of throttle when you move over to the next lane. This makes it so you are improving the flow of traffic, you are giving the current lane you are moving into plenty of space and in case they are accelerating you won’t get in their way. One of the most annoying things in traffic is people who change lanes at a slightly slower speed than everyone else.

Learning How to Maintain Your Own Bike

As you venture into the world of motorcycles you’re going to find out that they are finicky machines much more so than cars. You have to change the oil more frequently, adjust the chain lube, clean the chain, and check a lot of different things to make sure your machine operate correctly. Learn how to do this if you take your bike to a shop for any little thing it’s going to add up fast now I’m not saying you need to learn how to do a full rebuild and understand how to adjust your valve but I am saying that learning how to do the basics will save you so much money and it is fun. More details here:

Dragging the Rear Brake in Slow Speed

When you are doing slow speed stuff like parking lot maneuvers etc. try dragging your rear brake. I know it might seem counterintuitive because you are not planning on stopping but dragging the rear brake provides extra stability and confidence when performing slow speed stuff. Go out late at night and do some figure eights with your bike at like 3 miles per hour so you can get familiar with how it feels.