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Essential Motorcycle Safety Tips for New Riders

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Here are 5 essential safety tips for new riders that will help to improve your riding and make you savor.

Throttle Control

The number one thing you can do as a beginner is learning how to use your throttle. The throttle is going to be the number one thing you have to understand when it comes to riding your bike. It's the key to making sure you ride smoothly and confidently. Learning how to grip and apply throttle in the right situations will determine how well you ride along with many other things. You should be grabbing the throttle like a screwdriver, not like the death grip you give yourself late at night.

Grabbing the Tank With Your Knees

This will keep the top portion of your body nice and loose to operate your bike without a heavy input. Pretend like the tank is going to fly off if you don't grip it with your knees and it is full of next month's rent money. Combine that with the light throttle hand and you will be feeling like a zesty teste in no time on your motorcycle or don't and look like a total idiot.

Accelerating When You Change Lane

When you are changing lanes do your typical head check signal and then move over easy enough but one thing you might not be doing is applying a little extra amount of throttle when you move over to the next lane. This makes it so you are improving the flow of traffic, you are giving the current lane you are moving into plenty of space and in case they are accelerating you won't get in their way. One of the most annoying things in traffic is people who change lanes at a slightly slower speed than everyone else.

Learning How to Maintain Your Own Bike

As you venture into the world of motorcycles you're going to find out that they are finicky machines much more so than cars. You have to change the oil more frequently, adjust the chain lube, clean the chain, and check a lot of different things to make sure your machine operate correctly. Learn how to do this if you take your bike to a shop for any little thing it's going to add up fast now I'm not saying you need to learn how to do a full rebuild and understand how to adjust your valve but I am saying that learning how to do the basics will save you so much money and it is fun. More details here:

Dragging the Rear Brake in Slow Speed

When you are doing slow speed stuff like parking lot maneuvers etc. try dragging your rear brake. I know it might seem counterintuitive because you are not planning on stopping but dragging the rear brake provides extra stability and confidence when performing slow speed stuff. Go out late at night and do some figure eights with your bike at like 3 miles per hour so you can get familiar with how it feels.

How to Choose Bike Helmets

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The helmet is an essential item to ensure the necessary safety for riding, and assumes the key role for motorcyclists to ride safely. Therefore, making the right choice of helmet is very important so you need to compare motorcycle helmets. Check out some tips for you to choose the best accessory for you:

- The first step is to know what the helmet needs will need to meet. Those who will use the bike for long trips and ride for hours should opt for models made of carbon fiber, with great resistance and low weight. Also indicated are helmets with ventilation system. Those who will use the bike in the city can use the models made of fiberglass, light and resistant for medium speeds;

- Make sure the helmet fits well on the head, you can easily find the top 10 best motorcycle helmets on the web. When using the accessory, it tends to widen over time. So, avoid buying a very large helmet. The feeling of discomfort when starting to use the helmet is normal, but soon it will take the shape of your head and become more comfortable;

Extra tips to help you pick the perfect helmet motorcycle

Choose the ideal helmet size amongst the top 10 best motorcycle helmets. To help, measure the circumference of your head and see which size is right for you:

- Check that the helmet is safety certified, to guarantee the safety you need to ride;

- Make sure the visor allows for maximum vision, including peripheral vision;

- Choose helmets that have liners that can be removed and are made of anti-allergic and anti-bactericidal material. In this way you contribute to increase the useful life of the accessory;

- Give preference to helmets with a good ventilation system. In addition to ensuring good aerodynamics, it prevents the visor from getting foggy and keeps fresh air inside the accessory;

- Regarding color, choose models with bright colors. This is not a mandatory factor, but it gives more prominence and visibility to other drivers, thereby increasing the safety of the motorcyclist.

You can find good helmet motorcycle all over the web!

Amongst several stores of the segment, you will find a variety of models of helmets. Remember motorcyclist, never ride a motorcycle without this item, safety comes first!

Are you going to buy a motorcycle? Keep in mind that, along with it, you need to get a helmet. In addition to being mandatory, according to the traffic laws, many deaths or serious accidents are avoided with its use. And because of a very simple explanation: the accessory is designed to distribute the energy coming from a shock, dissipating it on a larger surface and reducing the impact on the head. Therefore, even if it is damaged in a possible accident, it does not mean that it is bad or defective; it simply fulfilled its role of absorbing the energy of impact.

The bottom line

However, it is not worth buying any helmet motorcycle. First and foremost, you should set the format appropriate to your needs. The market mainly offers four models: the closed or integral, which is the most popular among motorcyclists and offers greater safety in driving and on the road; the off-road, used mainly in tracks and cross, must be used in conjunction with goggles; the hybrid, wherein the chin part can be moved up; and the open, which despite being more pleasant in the summer, does not offer protection to the chin - in an accident, the driver's jaw can be completely ruined.

It’s Crucial to Protect Your Head When you Head Outdoors

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There are quite a number of excuses people give for not putting on a helmet while they are riding motorcycle, bicycle, or when roller skating. According to medical experts, there is no valid excuse for not putting on a helmet. When accidents occur, trauma to the brain can happen as a result and this can lead to skull fracture or concussion. Research has shown that wearing a helmet can help to reduce the danger of a serious injury to the brain or even death as the helmet absorbs most of the impact rather than the brain or the head. Here are five tips to help you safeguard your head.

All Helmets are not Created the Same

There are different helmets for different activities and each one of them has been designed to protect your head from the impact that is common to each activity. This is why it is important to always wear the helmet that is best suited for each activity as other types of the helmet may not protect you adequately. Although there are some helmets that serve multiple activities, check the manufacturer’s instructions for guidelines before wearing a helmet.

Make Sure the Helmet Fit Well

For maximum protection, ensure the helmet meet the following criteria:

  • Sit evenly on the head and not tilted in any way
  • Feel comfortable and not move in any direction
  • Have a secure bucket that keeps it from falling off
  • Fit properly and be easy to adjust without too many adjustments; they should stay put once the adjustment is made.

Kids Helmet are Special

Getting your kids to always wear helmets can be very challenging, it is left for parents to set rules and be consistent in enforcing them. Parents should lead by example by also making it a habit of wearing helmets always. Have them to try on different helmets to know their exact sizing. Kid’s helmets should have a secure buckle that holds firm in a crash and it should release after 5 seconds to avoid strangulation. It may be a good idea to buy larger clothes than your children wear for them but it is not the same thing with helmets as they have to fit perfectly.

Helmets Have Lifespan

Some helmets are made to withstand multiple impacts while others can only withstand one impact. A typical example of such is the bicycle helmet that is designed to protect against only a single impact. The impact energy is absorbed by the foam material in the helmet and as such, it can’t protect you when you have an impact subsequently. You should replace this even if the sign of damage is not visible. Helmets like those for football and motorcycle are designed to withstand multiple moderate impacts. However, if there are visible signs of damage after one impact you should replace them.

It is important to remember that helmets are not made perfect, so it is still possible to sustain a head injury even when you wear one. otection: Know more about helmet's protection:

Motorcycle Helmets – Really Worth Wearing?

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Are you going to compare motorcycle helmets? Are you even going to buy a helmet? In all honesty, there are thousands of people who are going to say that they don’t need a helmet and that they are perfectly safe. Are you really that much of a safe driver? Well, it doesn’t matter how safe a driver you are, an accident or road incident can occur any time. However, what about motorcycle helmets? Should you buy them and are they really worth wearing?

What Happens When You Are Involved In An Accident?

Let’s be honest, when you are on the road and you hit an ice patch, you will go flying across the road and probably end up sliding half way across the road. However, when this happens, usually your head is one of the first things to hit the concrete road. After you hit the road, you could be knocked unconscious. Now, it might not seem too bad right now but how fast were you going? Any kind of speed can be dangerous, especially when it comes to head injuries and you could end up with a serious head injury. Brain injuries are also a major concern for thousands of riders and, in truth, you could end up dead. There is no sugar-coating it; motorcyclists could die when involved in a serious road accident. That is why helmet motorcycle is needed. You need to think about wearing a helmet.

You Are Protecting Your Head

Remember, there is nothing between you and the road! With a car you have the frame of the vehicle which usually takes the greatest impact during a crash but with a motorcycle it’s very different! There is nothing there to protect you and that could result in you getting seriously hurt and usually it’s your head that takes the most impact. Compare motorcycle helmets and find the one that helps to keep you safe. You really will find that helmets will help protect you and while you might not prefer to wear them, they are ideal.

It’s In Your Best Interest to Wear a Helmet

Do you really think about wearing a helmet? You probably think it’s not really that important but in the end it will help keep you safe and sound. It has never been a better time to go off and invest in a good helmet. It will make all the difference and really it will help keep you safe and sound too. A helmet motorcycle can protect you and really it’s something more and more will find to be of great use. You might just save your life.

Invest In Your Safety

When it comes to your safety you absolutely have to ensure you put your life above all else. Yes, you might not like the idea of wearing a helmet but that doesn’t mean to say it can’t help nonetheless. You really need to think about your health and safety and put your time and money into a helmet. Safety equipment is going to be a very useful outlet to look into and it’s a must. Compare motorcycle helmets and stay safe.

Check out this post for more informations and help:

Motorcycle Helmet Safety – Know the Key Facts

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Wearing the top 10 best motorcycle helmets can be important for a host of reasons. Unfortunately, there are still many who think that helmets aren’t really necessary but it’s really not the case. Keeping your head and neck safe during a ride is important because as we all know accidents happen. However, what about motorcycle helmet safety? Is it really going to make a difference? Read on to find out more.

Wearing a Helmet Saves Life

You have probably heard that a seatbelt within a vehicle can help save a life and in many cases, they have and with a helmet it’s very much the same. When you have worn a helmet during a ride and have been involved in an accident, whether minor or major, it can actually help you in many ways. This really will make a major difference when it comes to protecting your head and ultimately your life. Motorcycle helmet safety really should be given a lot of thought and really top priority for most riders as well. You cannot neglect buying a helmet motorcycle today. This will make a difference to your safety.


You have to remember that a helmet is made from a variety of materials and in modern times the materials are getting stronger and fairly better too! This is going to essentially help thousands to get better and more effective protection than ever before. It is time to think about investing in safety gear and getting the best for your head. Yes, you might not think too much about the helmet now but it will help you. It really has become a necessity to buy a helmet and remember you are getting a very good constructed helmet. You can look at the top 10 best motorcycle helmets and find they really offer durability and quality. This is why more are now wearing helmets than ever before.

Many Helmet Types

It truly is amazing to see just how many helmets are available today. You have literally a dozen different types of helmets and you can surely find one suitable for you too. However, buying a new helmet motorcycle can be very important and you can find one that offers great protection and comfort. This is why there are now more and more people who are buying helmets and really these can help you get better protection. There has never been a better time to buy a new motorcycle helmet. Without the right helmet you can put your life in greater danger so it’s time to make the move and get a quality helmet.

Buy a Helmet

When it comes to buying new items, you really have to think about buying a helmet. These are going to help you stay safe on the roads and prevent a serious accident from turning deadly. You absolutely have to think about investing in new safety equipment such as helmets. It will make a real difference and you can find many good options too. Why not have a look at the top 10 best motorcycle helmets available today; you will not be disappointed.

How to Buy the Best Motorcycle Helmet at the Best Price

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Buying a helmet motorcycle can often be full of challenges. There are many who really aren’t too sure what they should be looking for when it comes to buying a new helmet for their motorcycle. It’s not hard to see why there are challenges as there are lots of amazing helmets to buy. So, is it really possible to buy the best motorcycle helmet at the best price? Of course it is, but you do need to think very hard before buying. Read on to find a few things to think about when it comes to buying the best motorcycle helmet.

You Must Compare Motorcycle Helmets

First and foremost, you have to see what options are available. This means you have to shop in store as well as go online and have a good look at the various options which are available to buy today. Now, you want to ensure the helmet offers excellent quality but also comes with a fair price. Sometimes that can be a tough combination to get right but if you think about it and check out the helmets available, it can be a lot easier. Comparing the top 10 best motorcycle helmets can take very little time and once you look at these, you should be able to find the very best helmet for the best price. It can be a useful thing to do to say the least.

Understand What You Feel Is A Fair Value

Buying a new helmet can take a little time but if you don’t really know what you can afford to spend and what is going to be too far out of your league you have some issues. It is a necessity to take a few minutes out and find out the average costs of some helmets so that you can budget wisely for this. Also, you can often find it a bit frustrating to buy a helmet that costs far more than you were happy to pay so take the time to research costs and see what you feel comfortable with. A new helmet motorcycle can be a great tool to have but you do have to understand what costs you’re happy to pay.

Choose One of the Top 10 Most Popular Helmets

Sometimes it is hard to know which way to turn when it comes to buying motorcycle helmets but why not let others decide for you? Why don’t you have a look at the top 10 best motorcycle helmets and see what others say about them? There are reasons why a few helmets are ranked so high so you should think about exploring them a little more. Even if you find one outlet is too costly, like said above, you could compare prices and shop around for the very best deal. This will help you so much and really the most popular helmets can really help you understand a little more about what you’re buying.

Buy the Best

When you want to buy a new motorcycle helmet and pay a fair price for it, it can seem like an impossible challenge. However, when you know a few things it can be a lot easier to tackle these things. You can hopefully find the very best helmet and help you keep your head safe whilst riding at all times. Compare motorcycle helmets and stay safe.